How To Make A Bong

Everything you need to know to make a simple home made bong

It consists of:

  • A bowl
  • A screen/gauze
  • A stem
  • A chamber
  • Some liquid (optional but preferable)
  • A mouthpiece for inhalation

legal buds

Here are some items you can use for each part:
Hose (mouth piece)


Rubber tubing from aquarium shop.


Plastic bottle.
Stem and Bowl


We recommend buying a stem and bowl, they are very inexpensive and are available from most tobacconists. A pen without the bits in the middle can also be used.


From a Head Shop of tobacconist. Or tin foil if desperate.


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Bong Instructions:

  • Pierce a hole in the bottle to the diameter of your stem and positioned so that when the stem is pushed through you have about 1 cm clearance from the bottom of the bottle and about a 2 cm protruding from the outside of the bottle (this is the permanent position for your stem). A good way to pierce your hole is by heating up the end of a screwdriver and pushing it through the bottle.

  • Now it's very important to make the hole airtight to the stem. A good way to do this is with the stem inserted block any gaps tightly with a small piece of toilet paper and then soak the paper with super glue and let it dry. Alternatively blu-tac will work but will often require adjustment.

  • Take the bottle cap and cut a hole in the top to the size of your hose and insert the hose about a cm through the hole and make the fitting airtight using the above method.

  • All that you need now to finish construction of your bong is a shotgun hole, which you keep your finger over while burning your herb and releasing after your herb is burnt to clear the chamber of smoke. Place this hole about 3 quarters of the way up the bottle and make it about 75mm wide.

  • Now you're almost ready to go, fill your bong with water about 2 cm below where you cut the stem hole then replace the cap, pack your bowl with your herb, place your finger over the shotgun hole, light your herb and take a steady and constant inhalation from the hose until your herb is burnt then release your finger from the shotgun hole to empty the chamber of smoke.

* Happy Tokin *

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