Mental FX Trippy Psychedelic DVD

NOW AVAILABLE! - Trippy TV Vol 1

Limited edition numbered 0-200

The fractal movie will run smoothest if you save it to your hard disk. To do this, right click on the link above and then select 'save target as'. If the movie appears jerky then it's most likely because you are streaming it from the web. When the movie is fully loaded, rewind it to the beginning and it will play smoothly or save it to your hard disk instead.

This preview movie was encoded at a bitrate of 1150kbps, the full fractal DVD is encoded at 8000kbps.

Some screen shots


.Ideal for playing at parties and raves, VJs feel free to use the clips in your live shows.

26 Scenes including Fractals, hue morphing, kaleidoscopes, tunnels, plasma and more.

Will play in your home DVD player or in your computer if DVDs normally work.

Approx running time: 85 minutes. Worldwide compatibility & region free.

(no fancy cases, just the DVD full of trippy visuals and clamshell case)
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